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Ihf Zakat Campaign-2019

Ihf Zakat Campaign 2019

The spirit of Ramadan, the month of giving is finally here. The time to reflect, revive and purify ourselves; an occasion for people, especially Muslims to give back to the society they live in through Zakat, a form of charity that has the potential to ease sufferings of millions. With the literal meaning of the word being ‘to cleanse,’ Muslims around the world believe that paying Zakat purifies, increases and blesses remainder of their wealth. Moreover, it helps us express how grateful we are for what we have.

It’s Humanity Foundation-IHF organizes Zakat Campaign every year to help distribute your Zakat amongst the needy and poor through providing education. The organization works to provide free of cost education to the underprivileged children of Bangladesh. Through the campaign, you can actually make it an investment and get rewarded for it till eternity as you’re donating the money for educating someone.

Who are eligible to receive Zakat?

The Quran (Chapter 9, verse 60) specifies seven categories for the distribution of Zakat:

  • The poor (al-fuqara), meaning low-income or indigent
  • The needy (al-masakin), meaning someone who is in difficulty
  • Zakat administrators
  • Those in bondage (slaves and captives)
  • The debt-ridden
  • In the cause of God
  • The wayfarer, meaning those who are stranded or traveling with few resources

Retrieved from Al-Quran (Chapter 9, verse 60) and Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW)

So if you still can’t decide where to invest your Zakat fund, why not invest in something that actually makes a long term impact? Your small contribution can help a child have better future and help you have a better afterlife. Just send in your blessings in the following details.

Account Details:

Online Payment Gateway:  Through our online payment gateway, you can donate us through your Debit card, Credit card or Master card. Here’s the link to the gateway:

Following are our bank details for you to donate through:

Bank: BRAC Bank Limited

  • Account Name: It’s Humanity Foundation
  • Account Number: 1501203397640001
  • Gulshan Branch, Swift Code: BRAKBDDH

Bank: Eastern Bank Limited

  • Account Name: Its Humanity Foundation
  • Account Number: 1041060359180
  • Gulshan Branch, Swift Code: EBLDBDDH

bKash: 01730702683 (Personal)

May the Almighty forgive us all and accept our supplications in this blessed month.