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The Numberella Charity Album 2022 is here!

The Numberella Charity Album 2022 is here! Now you can help us ensure free quality education for a child with music. Here's how: Every time you play a song (on Spotify on your desktop or mobile device), it generates £0.001, which means a 1000 plays makes a pound. If enough people do this, it makes enough money to help pay for a child's education!

Numberella is a fun math game invented by Alexander F.L Newberry, the founder of ANT Education, United Kingdom. The game is designed to take the teacher off a pedestal and create a space where teaching math is less formal and more fun and allowing students to engage in playing games while learning math. Every year Numberella releases a charity album in collaboration with musicians all around the UK to raise money for an educational charity. This year, they are generously raising money for It’s Humanity Foundation (IHF). We currently have eight school campuses including one for students with special needs and one mobile school providing free quality education, healthcare facilities and a healthy environment to grow for over 600 students from marginalized communities in Bangladesh.

All the support and sales from the album will be donated to the causes of IHF to ensure free education for children in marginalized communities in Bangladesh. Special thanks to Alexander F.L Newberry from Numberella, Rob Saunders from Deuce Music, a leading UK label, and all the incredible artists for making this happen to help our cause.

Numberella Charity Album-2022