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It’s Humanity Foundation (IHF) is working to reinvent the future of the underprivileged children through free education and job training; operating in three rural districts of Bangladesh namely, Tongi, Birampur, and Saidpur, educating over 650 children completely free of cost with hopes of setting up more branches of the school in different parts of the country in the foreseeable future.

IHF School is running through the Student Sponsorship Program and thus relies on donation and charity. Only BDT 1500 per month which might bring us three cups of coffee at a restaurant can secure a child’s education and health expenses for an entire month. Sponsor a child for BDT 1500 per month and help them make their dreams come true. This is how only BDT 1500/USD 20/GBP 16 can ensure multiple important aspects of a child’s life with your support:

Tuition fees: IHF ensures quality education for all. Hence a part of the amount ensures the tuition fees of each child every month.

Books and Stationary: IHF follows the NCTB curriculum and ensures books, notebooks, school bags and every other study materials that the students require in order to excel in their studies.

School Uniform: Uniforms are what make the children feel equally valued in an academic environment. Hence a part of the amount provided also helps them get a new uniform when required.

Medical checkup: IHF carries out three medical checkups every year for all the students of the school to ensure their sound health and wellbeing. Two of the checkups are general whereas the other one is a dental checkup.

Nutritious food for tiffin: One of the major reasons to why thousands of underprivileged children fall sick every year is malnutrition. This happens because children do not get proper access to healthy and hygienic food. Hence, they are provided with healthy and nutritious tiffin every day at school.

Through its activities, IHF helps to create ladders of opportunities for the unprivileged to ensure their basic rights and also try and break the cycle of poverty through a sustainable solution.

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