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Statistical Informaiton of IHF

It’s Humanity Foundation (IHF) is a non-profit organization with the vision to eliminate poverty and reinvent the future of underprivileged children through free education and job training. Currently we are operating in three rural districts of Bangladesh namely, Tongi, Birampur and Saidpur, educating over 650 children completely free of cost and look forward to setting up more branches of the school in different parts of the country in the foreseeable future.

In our endeavors to materialize our vision, IHF has structured a mission through which we are able to empower the mothers of these children. Through our project ‘Protibha’, we are able to provide the mothers with a sustainable and consistent earning source which in turn helps these women rise on their own and get a stronger position in their families and the community and enables them to send their children to school. IHF has ensured an earning source for over 250 women through this project with hopes of being able to increasing this number to thousands. A part of the profit that comes from ‘Protibha’ is also used to run the IHF School which makes the project sustainable.

Besides the education and the women empowerment projects, Volunteers of Humanity, the volunteer wing of Its Humanity Foundation carries out a winter campaign program every year in which we donate warm clothes to the less fortunate people.

IHF wants to instill a positive and sustainable change into society. Instead of handing out fishes to eat, we want to teach how to catch the fish and then cook it. Through its activities, IHF helps to create ladders of opportunities for the unprivileged to ensure their basic rights and also try and break the cycle of poverty through a sustainable solution.