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Story of Alisba Parveen

Alisba Parveen, a little gem found playing with plastic bottles in one of the congested slums of Saidpur while the team was conducting student research for IHF School. When the founder, Md. Adnan Hossain approached and asked her what she wanted to be in future, she scratched her head and smiled in confusion. He knew there is a bright future ahead of this little girl and he could help her find the way but when the team visited her family, they found out that she also had an elder sister, Rumi, who unfortunately happened to be physically challenged. Due to that, her parents did not want to send any of them to school as they also had to bear the treatment expenses of Rumi and to cover all that, even Alisba had to work in the slums. We tried to convince them for days but they could not realize what impact education could bestow upon their children’s lives. So the team decided to propose Alisba’s mother to get involved with Protibha, a project of IHF through which she could get professional training on crafting and actually get access to resources to produce and sell her own handmade products, which would enable a stable earning source for her family and in return, they had to send their children to school. This made them finally agree to admit their children to IHF School and so Alisba and her sister Rumi started their journey at IHF School, Saidpur Branch back in 2014. It’s 2017, and they have been here giving their best to their studies since then.

Moreover, their mother is still involved with “Protibha” and is currently fulfilling her family expenses smoothly by herself. She does not send Alisba to work in the slums anymore and feels confident now that she knows that her children have a bright future ahead. Alisba stood second in her class and she is currently studying in class 3. She aspires to be a police officer and believes she can make the world a better place.