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the Ihf School OPrganized by FMCG hr Society

Workshop On Soft Skills At The IHF School Organized By Fmcg Hr Society, Bangladesh

On the 21st November 2018 the members of the FMCG HR Society, Bangladesh spent the entire day with our IHF kids at the Tongi branch of IHF School to conduct an interactive workshop on essential soft skills as a part of their CSR event.

Their goal was to instill essential soft skills in the minds of the children while inspiring them with stories of people who succeeded in spite of all the hardships in their lives. The Joint Secretary of FMCG HR Society, Bangladesh, Kaium Islam Sohel along with Mijanur Rahman Pappu, Mehedi Hasan, Rashedul Hasnat Rashed, and Md. Tabsir Rajib from the team made the effort to take some time out for these children while Ms. Maisha Lubaba, CEO of Protibha was present there as a representative from the IHF team.

The kids absolutely loved spending time with them as they were encouraged to recite poems, sing songs and share about their dreams. The HR Society team even brought snacks and sports materials like basketballs, badminton rackets, football, etc. as presents for the kids. We truly appreciate the kind effort by FMCG HR Society, Bangladesh for making time for our kids to inspire and encourage them.

the Ihf School OPrganized by FMCG hr Society