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Mr. Steve Wills - trustee at IHF

Mr. Steve Wills


Steve Wills started with with IHF as a Sponsor, later he started giving his valuable time and expertise to bild IHF's structure and policies. In 2016 Steve kindly agreed to be the Chair of Advisory board in head Office. In 2019 besides being a Adviser, Steve also agreed to be one of the Trustee Board's in UK to help IHF grown in a International Network.

Steve wills in a senior leader in the development sector with over 15 years’ experience. He has developed pioneering public health and community resilience programmes, achieving impact at a community, national and global scale. Steve balance systems-based approaches with pragmatism to ensure long and lasting change is at the heart of everything he does . His leadership style helps build collaboration, consensus and commitment to an issue, enabling the effective design and delivery of solutions, achieving the transformation desired and expected by those most at risk. He is passionate and driven, working closely with communities and those with influence to help ensure positive change can be achieved.