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Our Team

Meet the dedicated soul who are working hard to make sure the work is done properly.

Md Adnan Hossain - founder & chairman of ihf

Md Adnan Hossain

Arman Ahmed -Treasurer of ihf

Arman Ahmed

Bashira Harun -General Secretary of ihf

Bashira Harun

General Secretary
Maisha Lubaba -Joint Secretary of ihf

Maisha Lubaba

Joint Secretary
General Members
MK Aaref - General Members of ihf

MK Aaref

General Members
Adiba Ajanee - General Members of ihf

Adiba Ajanee

General Members
Steve Wills -General Members of ihf

Steve Wills

General Members
Nahid Akhter -General Member of ihf

Dr. Nahid Akhter

General Member
Operational Leads
Maisha Lubaba -Project Lead of ihf

Maisha Lubaba

Project Lead
Nurul Islam Rana - HR & Finance of ihf

Md. Nurul Islam

HR & Finance
Mahreen Mamoons -Operational Leads of ihf

Mahreen Mamoon

Education Consultant
Meher Niger -Legal Advisor of ihf

Meher Niger

Legal Advisor
Noor-E-Fayzun Nahar -Project Manager of ihf

Noor-E-Fayzun Nahar

Project Manager
Ahmad Sakib Sadman -Officer, Communications & Partnership of ihf

Ahmad Sakib Sadman

Officer, Communications & Partnership
Fatima Rasul Munira -General Secretary of ihf

Fatima Rasul Munira

Project Coordinator
Management Leads
Afruza -Management Trainee of ihf

Afruza Tanzi

Management Trainee
Ikrar -Management Trainee of IHF

Ikrar Imtiaz

Management Trainee
Linza Mondol -Management Trainee at IHF

Linza Mondol

Management Trainee
Nafi Chowdhury -Management Trainee of ihf

Nafi Chowdhury

Management Trainee
Tanjila Nasrin -Admin Officer of ihf

Tanjila Nasrin

Admin Officer
Afrin Akhter Eva -area in-charge – Saidpur

Afrin Akhter Eva

Area In-charge – Saidpur