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Sarah Jabeen - program director of ihf

Sarah Jabeen

General Member

Sarah Jabeen Kristy, is a development professional experienced in Research, Project Planning & Management. She has eight years of professional skills, worked in sustainable development & livelihood improvement, sustainable city planning, youth engagement campaign management for social change and skill development, capacity development of marginalised community in different roles in various organizations.

She believes, ‘A compassionate heart and being understanding towards others can bring us the ultimate peace of mind, we all seek’. And that is the motivation for her to join and work for It’s humanity Foundation. Her years of experience to work for NGOs and development sectors is now shaping the strategies for better education service and child welfare development of underprivileged communities through IHF’s educational programs. Besides directing programs of IHF, since 2019 Sarah, as a Head of Strategy, has also taken care of Center for Youth Development- CFYD, a sustainable wing of IHF which emphases on running innumerable youth skill development programs to empower and enhance the leadership of youngsters of Bangladesh.