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CHAKAR School: The School on the Wheel by IHF

It’s Humanity Foundation is all about bringing the light of education to the underprivileged. This very important goal is the originator of the idea “Chakar School”.

IHF realized that despite having physical schools, the system is leaving behind hard to reach urban working children. The urge to bring these children under the education bracket gave birth to the idea of CHAKAR School (meaning, School on Wheels).

The concept of CHAKAR School” is very simple. The students don’t need to come to school. But the school itself will travel to them.

CHAKAR Schools of Children

Our Objectives

We are seeking to achieve the following objectives through CHAKAR School Project:

  • Ensure more underprivileged young minds can come under the light of education.
  • Make education easier for marginal children.
  • Create a sustainable cycle to keep this opportunity running and reaching more places.
Childrens are going to school

Our Expectations

In order to achieve a level of sustainability, it is prudent that the “CHAKAR School” Project comes out as a success. If that happens, then we, as a nation, will move on closer to achieving the SDGs, which is prudent to take our country forward.

If you want to be a part of such dynamics, then your help would be highly appreciated. Any help you can muster, whether it’s money or resources, will bring us closer to creating equal opportunities for all.

Get in touch with us to discuss how you can help the marginal children

Children are gathering to play