Center for Youth Development Program (CFYD)

Empowering Bangladeshi Youth for a Brighter Future

In 2015, IHF initiated a Youth based platform called Center For Youth Development (CFYD) which aspires to help the youth with personal and professional development sessions, trainings, mentorship programs etc. CFYD believes that nurturing the youth and their inner strengths is an investment for the better and brighter future of Bangladesh

Recent Initiatives

Building Alliance Among Changemakers (BAAC)

Building Alliance Among Changemakers (BAAC) is an initiative of Center For Youth Development aimed to build a platform with the changemakers from the development sector, corporate and individual. The platform has become a network and resource sharing hub for its members and their organizations. More than 50 organizations have joined the platform to create an impact in many lives through their network and resources.

Hatey Khori

In 2021, amid the Covid-19 pandemic's devastation and the employment challenges faced by the younger generation, It's Humanity Foundation launched Project Hatey Khori. This initiative aims to equip youth from marginalized communities with essential soft skills and vocational training, such as computer office applications, driving and auto mechanics, and soft skills training. By enhancing workforce capabilities and fostering personal growth, Project Hatey Khori seeks to bridge employment gaps, instill confidence, and promote self-reliance, envisioning a future where all individuals, regardless of background, have the tools and opportunities to thrive.

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