IHF School, Tobolpur Campus

Tobolpur, Bishwanath, Sylhet

The Tobolpur campus of IHF School in Sylhet was inaugurated in 2021. Previously, the area had a school that had to shut down due to a lack of resources following the pandemic in 2020, leaving the children without access to education. Upon learning about this situation, IHF took the initiative to establish a new school. The Tobolpur campus now provides free quality education, healthcare facilities, and a healthy environment for 230+ students, ensuring their growth and development.

IHF School, Tobolpur Campus - At a Glance


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Our Initiatives

Digital Learning Classes

Our academy operates on a daily basis to provide the best education

Ensuring Nutritious Meal

Nourishing success with nutritious meals

Annual Science Fair

Engaging minds and empowering innovation through Science Fairs.

Ensuring Participation in National Events

Participating in National Events, fostering pride and unity.

School Library

Participating in National Events, fostering pride and unity.

Health Campaigns

Promoting wellness through impactful health campaigns.

How Can You Contribute?

Adopt A School/ Classroom Initiative

School Operations
Student meals &

Sponsor a Child with only BDT 1,500 monthly

Access to quality Education
Nutritious Meals
School Supplies
Quarterly Health Check Up

Support our Healthy Meal Program

BDT 80 per meal/ per Student

Organize Community Days

Enjoy a day with our students (please contact us more any information)

Contribute Stationeries & School Supplies

BDT 1,200 per Student/Year

Got any other plans?

Please reach out to us at info@itshumanity.org