Livelihood Program

Empowering Women, Transforming Lives

The Livelihood Program empowers rural women, fosters craftsmanship, and breaks the cycle of child labor through additional family income.

By providing training and market access, this initiative aims to create sustainable income sources, reducing the need for children to engage in child labor. The Livelihood Program symbolizes hope, supporting women, and allowing students to focus on education without financial burdens.

The Projects of the Livelihood Program

Knowledge Development

We establish a community-based knowledge-sharing platform and conduct monthly workshops on human rights, health, child development, and family planning, actively engaging the community in shaping their well-being and understanding social responsibilities.

Skill Development

Empowering marginalized women through craft training at our development center. Subjects include tailoring, handblock printing, and crochet. Our training employs effective methods: behavioral (hands-on training), cognitive (theoretical knowledge and engagement), and discussion (open discussions for understanding and retention).

Business Development

Launched for sustainability, our Arts & Crafts project preserves dying Bangladeshi heritages by incorporating traditional arts into homeware items. This includes Folk Art like Bengal Pot and Rickshaw Art, a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Our efforts extend to preserving and promoting these cultural arts through products like Folk Art Painted Wall Frames and Cinema Art portraits, catering to a global audience.

Recent Livelihood Program Initiatives

Skill Development Program in Cox's Bazar

Protibha conducts courses in Cox's Bazar on tailoring, block printing, and driving, making impactful strides in empowering individuals and fostering sustainable livelihoods. These courses are designed to equip participants with valuable skills, enabling them to become self-reliant and improve their economic conditions. By providing hands-on training and support, Protibha plays a crucial role in transforming lives and promoting community development in the region.

Skill Development Program in Tongi

In Tongi, a comprehensive skill development program was implemented, focusing on tailoring and hand-block printing training across four batches. A total of 65 trainees participated in these specialized courses. Remarkably, 75% of the trainees have successfully secured employment in relevant fields, indicating the program's effectiveness in providing practical skills and facilitating employment opportunities within the community.

Skill Development program in Sunamganj

In Sunamganj, a targeted skill development program was conducted, offering three functional skills-based courses focusing on mathematics, English language proficiency, writing, and speaking. A total of 26 participants engaged in these courses, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing their foundational skills. Notably, six students from the program actively participated in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination in 2022, highlighting the program's contribution to academic advancement and holistic development within the community.

Birth Certificate Digitization in Noor Nagar

In Nur Nagar, a significant effort was made towards the digitization of birth certificates, marked by the implementation of over ten awareness programs dedicated to this initiative. A total of 63 participants actively engaged in the digitization process, underscoring the community's interest and cooperation. Notably, 42 birth certificates were successfully digitized as a result of this endeavor, signifying a tangible step forward in modernizing administrative procedures and enhancing accessibility to essential documentation within the locality.

Mukta's story

"Thanks to the IHF Livelihood Program, I've mastered sewing and have received a sewing machine. Now I earn 4,000 to 5,000 taka monthly. This income is a game-changer for my family, lifting us from financial struggles. I am grateful for this opportunity."

Mukta Akhter Mala
Trainee, Tongi

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