Education Program

IHF Education Program:
Reshaping the Future Through Education

At the heart of our endeavors lies the IHF Education Program, a driving force in shaping the future of Bangladesh. We are committed to ensuring every child has the right to education and a nurturing environment to pursue their aspirations.

Aligned with the national curriculum set by the NCTB (National Curriculum and Textbook Board), our schools cater to primary and secondary education. With a vision extending beyond, we aim to establish school campuses across the remote areas of Bangladesh.

Our goal is to create a sustainable solution for marginalized communities, fostering widespread access to quality education throughout the country.

It's Humanity Foundation Schools

With 13 campuses across 6 districts of Bangladesh, IHF schools enroll more than a thousand students yearly, providing them with a nurturing environment that encourages them to pursue their dreams. Our school focuses on creating a fun learning space, offering:

Interactive teaching with storytelling and periodic assessments

Regular fun activities for growth and wellbeing

Diverse Co-Curricular and Extracurricular activities including sports, science fairs, Language and Literature clubs, Digital learning and Cultural events

Cultural Engagements

Students participate in a range of cultural activities such as theatrical performances and art displays, which help build their confidence, enhance their communication abilities, and develop their teamwork skills.

Inspiring Innovation

Students from our schools actively engage in annual Science Fairs, fostering learning in science, technology, and teamwork.

Celebrating Creativity

Students get the platform to showcase their talents through drawing, dancing and singing performances, enhancing their self-confidence and self-expression.

Community Engagement

Our students actively participate in both national and internal events -fostering connections with sponsors and well-wishers, and providing them with hope and inspiration.

Our Campuses

The Kites Academy, Syedpur

Inaugurated on Jun 4, 2010

In 2010 IHF started its journey in a small corridor, with only 17 children from marginalized communities. The Syedpur campus of IHF School was inaugurated on 4th June 2010. It was the first school campus to be established by IHF. For the first time in 2015, students of class five took part in the annual PSC exams where all of them passed with flying colors. In 2021, for the 1st time 8 students completed grade 8th under JSC

IHF School, Tongi Campus

Inaugurated on Aug 24, 2014

The Tongi campus of IHF School was the second school campus to be established by IHF and currently provides free primary education to 100+ students.

IHF School, Noor Nagar Campus

Inaugurated on January, 2019

IHF School, Noor Nagar Campus provides free primary education to 120 students. The initiative addresses the dire living conditions of 40 families in Saidpur's Noor Nagar, an area lacking proper amenities. IHF's Community Development project led to the opening of the school, offering education to the previously unschooled children in the community.

IHF School, Tobolpur Campus

Inaugurated on 2021

IHF School, Tobolpur campus in Sylhet was established to address the closure of a local school during the 2020 pandemic, after discovering the lack of schooling for the children in the area. Currently, the campus provides free education, healthcare, and a conducive environment for 230+ students from Playgroup to Class 5.

IHF School, Kolcondo Campus

Inaugurated on 2022

IHF started a new school in a remote island area located in the northern part of Bangladesh called Kolcondo. Kolcondo is a remote union under Gangachara upazila in the district of Rangpur. Around 400 families live in this area where they have very limited access to quality education, health and hygiene support, and other necessary facilities.

IHF School, Bansbari Campus

Inaugurated on Jan 2022

The IHF campus in Bansbari, located in Syedpur, Nilphamari district, is a joint initiative of Aastha Trust and It’s Humanity Foundation (IHF). Inaugurated to fill the void left by the closure of the only local school post-pandemic, the school now offers free education, healthcare, and a nurturing environment for 80+ students (Playgroup to Class 2).

IHF School, Ukhiya Campus

Inaugurated on 2023

IHF School, Ukhiya Campus is situated in Chanchari, Jalia Palong, a remote village 8 km far from Ukhiya. It takes a two-hour hike to reach the village. Around 95 families from the Mro and Tangchangya communities live there, and there was no school until IHF School started in 2023. Now, 72 students are getting free quality education, healthcare facilities, and a healthy environment

Panchkhola Primary School

Inaugurated on 2024

Panchkhola Primary School, serving 200 families in a marginalized community, educates children from backgrounds of day laborers, garment workers, and rickshaw pullers. With over 120 students, the school offers classes from playgroup to 5th standard, five days a week.

Chakar School (চাকার  স্কুল)

Bangladesh's first Digital Mobile School

"Chakar School: The School On Wheels" is Bangladesh's first digital mobile school, addressing the literacy and early childhood development gap among marginalized children in urban slums. We develop tailored digital content, seamlessly integrating government-approved curricula for effective and interactive learning.

Alok School (আলোক  স্কুল)

The school for children with special needs

Education must be accessible to all, regardless of birth circumstances. With this belief, It’s Humanity Foundation launched Alok School, a special project for children with learning difficulties. 'ALOK,' meaning light, represents our commitment to making education a universal right. Through sustainable practices, we aim to illuminate the minds of underprivileged youth with the light of education.

Creating Bright Futures

Innovative Approach to Inclusion

Empowering Through Education

ANKUR (অঙ্কুর) by IHF

Child Welfare Center

In 2019, IHF introduced 'Ankur,' a mental health project aimed at prioritizing children's well-being in its schools. Dedicated to fostering a healthy environment for mental growth, 'Ankur' provides comprehensive care for children's mental health. Since its launch, Ankur has expanded to include various developmental programs, showcasing our commitment to our children's holistic well-being and growth.

Increase awareness of the importance of child welfare among students.

Identify and report possible abuse or negligence of students.

Serve as a resource for child welfare agencies.

Sponsor a Child's Education

Contribute to support our schools and ensure our students have access to quality education.

Every contribution makes a difference!