Emergency Response Program

Project Aubolombon

Relief Programs for the Community

It's Humanity Foundation has been making a significant impact through its humanitarian support to marginalized communities. Through the annual campaigns like winter campaign, zakat campaign, emergency response campaign, IHF is empowering those in need and promoting sustainable development, fostering hope for a brighter future. Our dedication to serving the most vulnerable populations exemplifies their commitment to creating positive change in the world.

Qurbani Campaign 2024

The Qurbani campaign aims to uplift communities through sacrifice, compassion, and shared joy, all in keeping with the spirit of Eid-al-Adha. From providing nutritious meat to marginalized families to ensuring no one goes hungry during this festive time, your generous donations bring hope and happiness.

Zakat Campaign

The Zakat campaign aims to impact lives through education, livelihood, and food security, all in alignment with Islamic charity principles. From sponsoring vulnerable children's education to supporting families towards self-sufficiency and providing vital sustenance during Ramadan, your contributions make a tangible difference.

Winter Campaign

During the winter season, the marginalized communities of our country face heightened challenges. Committed to bringing them hope and warmth, the IHF team and our supporters invite you to join our efforts. Your donation can provide blankets and warm clothing to those in need. Share the warmth today through your contribution.

Community Kitchen

IHF's Community Kitchen uses biogas tech for nutritious meals, reducing waste's environmental impact. Combining food security and eco-friendliness, it uplifts the community while promoting a greener, resilient environment.

Community Toilets

By promoting hygiene and proper waste management, IHF's Community Toilet initiative enhances the community's well-being while contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment. Initially, IHF constructed community toilets in Syedpur & Ukhiya.

Water Installations

We're dedicated to ensuring safe drinking water as a fundamental human right through our Water Installation Project. Employing innovative solutions and community engagement, we establish sustainable clean water sources, empowering communities and reducing waterborne diseases. Our approach includes education and community involvement, leading to transformative impacts like alleviating the burden of water fetching and enabling children to focus on education.

Home Rebuilding

Focused on expanding schools and village utilities, our project utilizes existing infrastructure. Highlights include: adding three classrooms in Tobolpur Campus, flooring improvement in Noornagar, a Biogas project with a community kitchen, and sanitary latrines. We're also building a study space in an orphanage and creating tailored digital content to enhance learning. Post-disaster, we rebuilt 10 homes in Tobolpur after a 2022 flood. Committed to sustainable reconstruction, we address annual damages from climate-related disasters.

Biogas project

IHF's biogas project utilizes local organic waste such as biomass waste and animal waste as feedstock. Each plant will generate enough gas to meet the cooking needs of the community members. Additionally, the plants produce organic fertilizer, benefiting the agricultural and fisheries sectors.

Support our Community Programs

Donate today to support our community and Emergency Response programs. Every contribution makes a difference!